How to Start A new camp slot and Earn Money!

How to Start A new camp slot and Earn Money!


‍You know you want in on the action – even though you might not be an avid gambler, you understand how slots can be a great way to add some extra money to your account, however, you might not be sure where to begin – do you need to be a Licensed Gambler to Operate a Slot Game Camp if you’re the cautious type, then you’ll want to stay away from these spots?

What is a Slot Game Camp?

A slot game camp also called a slot machine camp, is a business that rents out slot machines, the machines typically range from $50 to $500 with some going as high as $2,500 and the cost of renting a machine typically ranges from $50 to $100 depending on the machine; depending on the type of machine you rent, you may also have the option to play any of the games being played by the other players, for example, at a slot machine camp, you may be able to play any of the games being offered, or you may only be allowed to play the machine that is being rented out.

How to Start a Slot Game Camp

The best place to start when looking to start a สล็อตค่ายใหม่ (new camp slots) game is with the location- what’s the best time of the year to open a slot game camp – during the off-season between May and September, when most casinos are closed, you’ll have the advantage of much cheaper rent; next, you’ll want to think about what type of slot machines you’d like to rent; while most casinos offer several different types of slot machines, and you’ll want to choose the one that matches your play style and how often do you want to play and finally, decide on the payment plan you’d like. 

Tips for Starting a Slot Game Camp

Before you start a single machine, you’ll need to get yourself organized and you need to know the following information, the location of your camp, how much money you’d like to start with, the required equipment for each machine, and how much daily rent you’d like to begin with.

What to Expect at a Slot Game Camp

Before you attend a slot game camp, you’ll want to know what to expect; you’ll also want to know how much a slot game camp costs so you can decide if it’s worth the money, while some live event casinos provide a free play on specific slots, but most demand a minimal commitment to getting started. 

Type of Event — depending on where you go, you may also need to know what type of event you’ll be playing at, most live event casinos offer slots that can be played for money, points, or both or you can usually pick between Progressive and pay scale-based games.