Which Flowers Symbolize Happiness?

Which Flowers Symbolize Happiness?

Flowers are the most common medium used to express feelings to someone. Flowers have various shapes and colors, each of which has its own meaning.

Who doesn’t love flowers? Flowers are one of God’s creations that have extraordinary beauty. Flowers can make anyone who sees them happy. That’s why flowers are often used as gifts.

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Basically, all flowers can make someone happy. But below are some flowers that do symbolize happiness. What are they?

  1. Lily flower

Lily comes from the Greek word Leiron. Lily has various types. Lily also has a variety of colors. Each type and color of the lily has a meaning. Lily is a symbol of good luck. In addition, the white lily also symbolizes purity, purity, sympathy, and a new life. Yellow lilies symbolize close friendship. Red and pink lilies symbolize prosperity and abundance of wealth. Although most types of lily symbolize something positive, the orange lily is different. The orange lily actually symbolizes hatred, humiliation, and lies.

Of the various colors of lily, white lily is the most commonly used as a gift or decoration of an event. White lilies give the impression of being elegant, simple, and romantic.

  1. Roses

Who doesn’t know roses? The majority of people would know this flower. Roses have a variety of beautiful colors. This flower is even called the queen of flowers. Each color of the rose has a different meaning. Even the number of stalks affects the meaning or message to be conveyed.

Red roses are the most popular type of rose and are used as a symbol of sincere love. Red roses are often used in intimate and romantic events. Whoever is given a red rose will melt and be happy.

Another color of roses that is no less popular is white roses. White roses symbolize the purity of feelings of love, sincerity, and purity. Usually, white roses are used as wedding decorations.

Yellow roses have the meaning of joy. But some consider yellow roses a symbol of disloyalty. Pink roses have the meaning of tenderness, gratitude, and gratitude. While cream roses symbolize appreciation and attention.

  1. Daisy Flower

Daisy flowers have a fairly simple shape. The name daisy comes from the Old English word Daes Eag, which means the eye of the day. Like other flowers, daisies also have a variety of colors.

The red daisy has the meaning of secret love, sincerity, simplicity, and beauty. The orange daisy means joy, passion, and warmth. But overall, the daisy flower has the meaning of purity, simplicity, purity, and tenderness.

  1. Tulips

Tulips originate from the Netherlands. This flower has a simple and unique shape. Even so, the impression displayed by this flower is still elegant. Tulips also have a variety of colors where each color has a different meaning.

White tulips have the meaning of purity, humility, sympathy, and respect. White tulips are suitable for weddings. Red tulips have the meaning of deep love and perfect affection for a precious person. Orange tulips have the meaning of warmth, happiness, luck, and optimism. Yellow tulips have the meaning of friendship and joy. Purple tulips have the meaning of elegance, royalty, and perfection. Lastly are the blue tulips. Blue tulips have the meaning of peace and tranquility.

  1. Peony Flower

Peonies can grow in a country with 4 seasons. It blooms around May to July. In China, peonies are often used for weddings. Chinese people believe that peonies have the meaning of love, happiness, good fortune, and prosperity.

In addition to the fragrant smell, peonies also have a variety of colors. There are white, cream, light purple, and pink colors. Overall, peonies symbolize honor and noble personality.

  1. Chrysanthemum Flower

Chrysanthemum flowers have the meaning of admiration, elegance, and joy. Red chrysanthemums have the meaning of love. Yellow chrysanthemums have the meaning of joy, optimism, and cheerfulness. Purple chrysanthemums have the meaning of strong spirit and determination. White chrysanthemums have the meaning of honesty and loyalty. If someone gives a bouquet of white chrysanthemums it means that person really trusts the recipient of the flowers.

  1. Sunflower

As the name suggests, this flower always follows the direction of the sun. Sunflowers will follow the direction of the sun from sunrise to sunset. That’s why this flower symbolizes loyalty and obedience. The yellow flower petals symbolize life accompanied by happiness, joy, enthusiasm, creativity, optimism, and positive energy. The symbol of loyalty in sunflowers can not only be addressed to lovers but can also be addressed to family, friends, or colleagues.

Not only a bouquet of flowers can make someone happy. Giving gifts like get well soon hamper can almost also make someone happy. People who receive it will feel loved, cared for, and valuable to the giver. That’s why a gift has more purpose than ‘a gift’.