What Can You Expect From A Luxury Spanish Home?

What Can You Expect From A Luxury Spanish Home?

Most people depict luxury homes in terms of price, but there is so much more to luxuriousness than the amount of money a home costs. It is tough to define Spanish luxury residences precisely because it is something indefinable made up of several factors. If you are looking for an upmarket house to buy in Spain, there are some high-end standards you’ll expect to find, and combined, they are what puts the luxury into the home. We asked Mick Macdonald for Javea Property to list some of the features that such homes tend to have in common. Javea Property focuses on luxury homes and properties in Javea on the Costa Blanca to offer clients the villa or penthouse of their dreams.

Prime Location

Mr. Macdonald first revealed that Spanish luxury homes tend to be in much sought-after locations like right next to the beach or overlooking the sea, with a fabulous sea view. Others may be in secluded mountainous areas or at the top of the hill, while others may overlook a beautiful city. This is an individual preference, and it depends if you wish to live in the city, by the sea, or in the country, but generally, this type of property will be in a prime location, attracting high-end buyers.

High Price

As mentioned earlier, price does not always interpret luxury, but most homes under this category will be expensive. The costs can go way up to tens of millions of euros depending on the scope of the property. Different areas have different prices, but you cannot realistically expect to pay anything less than half a million euros when looking for a luxurious Spanish home.

Unusual Amenities

Luxury homes have the most outstanding amenities, so you can run your life right from your home without needing outside services. Most will have a gym, spa, infinity swimming pool, jacuzzi, arcade room, movie room, and even a decontamination room. Some luxury homes come with outrageously extravagant amenities, like an exercise-yoga studio, a steam room, a sauna, and a beauty salon with hair washing and cutting areas, and a manicure-pedicure salon. You could even find an exercise pool or a water-powered treadmill. These features are what attract affluent buyers because they make a property unique, self-sustaining, and convenient in every sense. These are just some of the factors commanding high prices other than the location.

Highest Quality

Spanish luxury homes have everything selected with the greatest care, from the kitchen appliances, finishes, design elements, and the materials used for construction and home décor. Hardwood, crystal, marble, and Venetian plasters, among others, are standard components in a luxury home. They are all a cut above standard features, so the buyer has something to be proud of.


High-end luxury buyers, including high-profile business people and celebrities, treat their home as a tranquil refuge; hence privacy is of utmost importance in a luxury home. If the home does not come with a large, secluded plot, then privacy is achieved using foliage, high walls, and gated entrances, sometimes with security staff for additional peace of mind.

The choices are numerous, so finding your ideal luxury home in Spain should not be too difficult a task. An opulent home, without a doubt, has so much to offer to buyers; as long as you can afford one, you can enjoy it. Some buyers look for residences with interesting backgrounds or histories to give them an edge when it comes to exclusivity. Whatever your choice, you will gain so much more from a luxury property than a standard average home.