Things to consider before installing curtains in the living room

Things to consider before installing curtains in the living room

Do you want to change the look of your living room this summer? You can do that by swapping a simple feature of the house – curtains! Curtains have the ability to change the overall look of your house and leave a huge impact on the interiors and comfort of your living room. Moreover, curtains have never been much expensive, so you will be bringing renovation to your house without putting a dent in your budget.

Curtains are available in a diverse variety and styles, from patterns to fabric and from color to hanging style drapes can instantly change the atmosphere of an entire room. Therefore, you choose from solid to patterns and from light to dark colors. Whether you pick a chic aesthetic, a classy feel, or a modern look, there is definitely a choice that will refresh your living room respectively.

Here we have gathered a list of a few things that should be considered before installing a curtain in the living room to give it the best refreshing look.

Styles of curtains:

There are plenty of styles for drapes and curtains, and you can choose the one according to your personal preference and budget. For instance, panels are quite an inexpensive type of curtains; on the contrary, custom drapes are expensive.

Consider what suits your room style and window. Single panel curtains look good in small rooms, while double panels offer a classic and well-balanced look. Moreover, consider the heading types that you like best. Many options are available, like French pleats, grommets, pencil pleats, and pole pockets.

Fabric for curtains:

Curtains are available in every imaginable fabric, but not all can match the vibe of your room. For instance, heavy fabrics look best in insulated rooms and places with a cooler climate. On the other hand, light fabric works best in the summer and spring seasons. Some of the fabrics commonly used in curtains are:

  • Silk,
  • Cotton,
  • Velvet,
  • Linen &
  • Sheers

Silk is a classic curtain fabric and adds formality to the room. On the contrary, cotton is a lightweight and trendy fabric. It is available in different colors and patterns.

Pattern and color:

Drapes cover a large amount of visual space, and it is important for the buyer to carefully consider which pattern and color they would like in their room. You can choose the color and patterns according to your wall and sofa colors and patterns. It is important to consider the fabric and pattern of your upholstery and select the one that blends in well with interiors.

Size of curtains:

The size is of great importance for living room curtains measurements. The standard size of the curtain in the living room should be at least double the window’s width, even if they remain open most of the time. To create a dramatic, formal, and elegant look, curtains can puddle on the floor.

Installing the curtains:

There are two basic methods of mounting curtains:

●      Traditional:

The hardware is mounted a few inches above the window casing in traditional ways.

●      Modern:

In modern ways, the curtain hardware is mounted just below the ceiling to create the illusion of taller roofs.

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