Sweaters that are perfect to wear late in late summer

Sweaters that are perfect to wear late in late summer

Whenever the temperature drops, there is nothing like a good sweater to warm you up. We associate sweaters with the fall or winter season, but the truth is that summer nights can get pretty cold and an extra layer is more than welcome. Besides, sweaters are and always were stylish garments. No matter what your style is, you definitely own a few sweaters. That’s because they’re comfortable, versatile, and fit for any season.

Wool sweaters

You might think that wool sweaters belong in the cold season only. That’s not true because there are plenty of lightweight wool sweaters that you can wear in the summer. Cashmere sweaters, for example. They are very soft and lightweight, and also very chic. If your style is more dressy, cashmere sweaters are for you. Cashmere is very luxurious, so pure cashmere sweaters are of course expensive, but luckily it’s very common to find cashmere blends that are more affordable. Another lightweight wool sweater perfect for late summer is the merino wool sweater. Merino wool regulates temperature, so it will keep you cool if the temperature is too warm. That’s because merino wool fibers wick moisture away from the skin. When the moisture evaporates, you cool off. Merino wool is also odor-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about smelling bad while wearing one. Another great thing about wearing a merino wool sweater in the summer is that wool is a natural UV barrier. All these great benefits make merino wool sweaters perfect for the late summer season, so if you’re considering buying one, Tara Irish Clothing Irish sweaters selection made of merino wool are a great option. They are ultrasoft, breathable, warm, and also super stylish.

Cotton sweaters

Cotton is not the most commonly used material for sweaters, but it is nevertheless a great option if you are looking for something breathable and less insulating. Cotton is very easy to maintain and simple to wash. It’s also durable and resistant to wear, so you can be sure that you’ll be wearing it for more than just one season and it will still look good. Cotton dyes nicely, so if you want bright, vibrant-colored sweaters, cotton is the right fabric. Cotton sweaters are more casual than their wool counterparts. They’re perfect for just going out for a walk on a cool summer evening. Essentially, cotton sweaters are great if you want an effortless look.

Synthetic fabrics

Some people don’t really care about the fabric when buying sweaters. They might look for a good price, a good fit, a nice look and feel. Sweaters made from synthetic materials such as elastane might feel like they fit perfectly because the material is very elastic. Polyester or polyamide sweaters are very soft, so they’re great if you want that softness without the warmth. However, you should keep in mind that synthetic fabrics are not as durable as natural ones, so they will not last you for a very long time.