Essay Writing Tips for Kids

Essay Writing Tips for Kids

Essay writing is an important skill that children must master at a young age itself. When they learn to write an essay, they will be able to express their ideas more clearly, as well as build their creativity. As no child will be an expert in writing an essay on their first attempt, we must develop the habit of essay writing in them. If you think that your children do not have ample resources to practise and refine their writing skills, implement these tips and ideas to build their interest in writing.

Though we expect our children to write a perfect essay after one or two attempts, we must remember that each child is unique and that their learning pace would be different from others. By keeping this point in mind, we will show how children can easily write an essay through an example. We will be taking the topic of honesty is the best policy for reference here to teach some simple tips for writing an essay for children.

How to Write an Essay?

When we give children a topic to write about, we must take note of their age. It is best to give easy topics to young children as their understanding of things happening around them will be limited. Moreover, giving topics they can relate to will help boost their interest to write essays. Suppose we ask our children to write an essay on honesty is the best policy. What are the things needed to keep in mind while writing the essay? We will briefly discuss the same here as we list out a few tips for writing a good essay.

  • Before they start writing an essay, ensure that they have a strong grasp of the basics of writing. If their sentence formation and grammar are accurate, let us teach them how to structure an essay.
  • Ask them to write anything that comes to their mind about the given topic (in this case, encourage them to write what they understand by the meaning of the proverb). This will help them to create an outline for their essay and sort the points for the introduction, body and conclusion.
  • Prompt them to write about any personal experience they had of being dishonest. They can go on to write the consequences they faced after lying, thus validating their point in the essay, to be honest at all times and situations. 
  • Further, describe the positive side of being honest and show how it will add happiness to their lives. Children can also write how they will value honesty as the best principle by making a vow to never lie.
  • Children must inculcate the habit of reading to learn more about the topic. As reading expands their knowledge, they will attain better clarity to write a well-crafted essay on any given topic.

Advantages of Essay Writing for Kids

Children can never escape from the activity of essay writing, and the sooner they find peace with it, the better their chances of developing essential skills in them. Even though many of them will seek help from others to write an essay, the given benefits of writing essays will make them think otherwise. By giving simple topics like honesty is the best policy, my first day at school, my favourite book etc., children will be able to put together their opinions clearly and give justifications for the same. 

Even while giving exams at a later stage, they must be able to frame well-written sentences and paragraphs for which they must master the art of writing essays. Through essay writing, they will also be able to discover their writing style and build on it. Moreover, they will become knowledgeable about different things by reading and writing essays, and this will help them have meaningful conversations with others. We can also see how their vocabulary will develop as they practise writing essays. If you find yourself stuck in teaching essay writing to children, check out BYJU’S website for more amazing topics.