Cemetery Flowers: What should you bring for your late loved ones?

Cemetery Flowers: What should you bring for your late loved ones?

One of the ways the many families do to honor the life of their late loved ones is by leaving a flower on their graves or memorial site. Families provide the most beautiful flowers for their loved ones as much as they can. However, some have a hard time deciding on what flower they will bring to the cemetery. Fortunately, there are many flower shops that can help you with this. 

But here are a few symbolic flowers that you can consider bringing to the cemetery for your loved ones.

  • Roses. This is one of the most typical flowers found in graves. Each color has its own symbolic meaning. Red roses are a popular choice for a spouse because they represent passionate love. A pink rose symbolizes friendship. Yellow roses represent zeal, but they are also a favorite choice among Texans. A white rose represents purity. This reflects the color white rather than the fact that it is a rose.
  1. Poppy. This is a symbol of comfort, but it is also incredibly symbolic for soldiers.
  2. Calla lily. This represents marriage and fidelity. While they can be cultivated in several hues, the most common is white, which represents purity.
  3. Sunflower. This represents adoration and dedication.
  4. Zinnia. This flower represents thoughts of friends.
  5. Daisies. It symbolizes innocence and purity.
  6. Carnations. This is another flower whose symbolism varies depending on its color. Red flowers represent excitement, pink carnations represent thankfulness, and white carnations represent remembrance.
  7. Amaryllis. This is a flower that represents exquisite beauty. It is also used to denote worth other than beauty.
  8. Chrysanthemum. It represents faithfulness, optimism, joy, and longevity. A red chrysanthemum represents love, whereas a white chrysanthemum represents honesty and fidelity.
  9. Daffodils. This is a flower that represents esteem and gallantry. They represent rebirth, new beginnings, and everlasting life. They also represent unrequited love. They are a popular option for Spring and Easter bouquets because they are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring.

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