The Best Way To Roast Red Potatoes

The Best Way To Roast Red Potatoes

Roasting your red potatoes is something you should try today if you have not done so. This recipe is perfectly easy to make and straightforward. Although it contains less starch this recipe is just perfect for making your crispy potatoes which you would enjoy. There is a lot of food which can be made from this potato type like potato salad, potato chips but the roasted potato remains a snack that you should try. It is my weekend favorite. Anytime I want to watch movies and just rest, I make this recipe and enjoy the sweetness. I want you to also enjoy the delicious goodness of this snack. 

The first step to roasting your red potatoes is washing your potatoes and cutting them into smaller sections. The next thing is to, put it in your oven so that it can heat up before putting in your potatoes. It is best that your oven is placed at 450 degrees. I do not like to peel off the skin of my potatoes because it is beneficial and contains a lot of nutrients that my body needs. You might not like yours that way. The next thing you need to do is to leave the potatoes in a sieve to air dry. Arranging your ingredients and spices is what is next. If you love your potatoes really spicy, you can add a lot of chili pepper or black pepper. I personally like to add garlic to mine and a little ginger too. Both are really good for your health. I add my powdered onion and little oil and rub all over the potato.

Then, I place it in the pan with spaces in between for when I want to flip it to the other side so each side can be crispy. You should grease the pan with oil before placing your red potatoes on it so that it will not be difficult to remove or stick to the pan and come out looking somehow. Leave the potatoes to roast for forty minutes to an hour maximum to get the best result. You can also remove some of the ingredients and replace them with ingredients of your choice or you can add more ingredients that you like. With this recipe, you can try out the different tastes of the meal by changing the ingredients. 

You can serve hot or cold. I found out that serving this meal while cold still tastes well. All thanks to my friend that does not eat hot food but cold food. I hope you enjoyed your roasted red potatoes.