Everything You Need To Know About Choosing The Correct PRP Kit

Everything You Need To Know About Choosing The Correct PRP Kit

While performing or undergoing any kind of treatment like PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy, it is necessary to keep everything up to the optimum condition. Hence, the kit used in such treatment should be chosen wisely for a safe and better outcome of the therapy.

How to choose the right PRP kit?

The PRP treatment involves the collection of the platelet concentration from the collected blood sample. It is done in ideal conditions with the process of centrifugation. In normal conditions, the platelet count should be 1-1.5x platelets. For this procedure, the PRP kits are the most essential. With the help of a kit, one can extract platelets up to 5X and 7X conc. On average.

The extracted concentration is known as the Platelet Rich plasma that gets processed into the serum. The ideal kit allows the proper centrifugation of the platelets and plasma from the RBC and WBC. The types of the kits also vary with the process of segregation. These different types of kits are:

  • Gel separators: in such type, the tubes used in the procedure contain a special gel inside them. That has a density in between that of the platelets and the other components of the blood (RBC and WBC). Hence, during centrifugation, these gels lie exactly in between them separating the platelets from WBC and RBC.

However, one of the major drawbacks of this kit is that sometimes the platelets get stuck with the separation gel itself. Reducing the concentration of the plasma.

  • Buffy coat based: this is considered one of the best kits. It contains a thin layer of Buffy coat, that is neutral and yellow. These forms between the platelets and blood cells separate them from each other. And after the extraction the extracts you will get will be the plasma, 5X-7X platelets with some amount of leukocytes and less than 10% of RBCs.
  • Buffy coat, double spin: it is the most ideal one with a Buffy coat and the compatibility of an extra spin. During the first phase, the platelets and the plasma get separated from the rest of the erythrocytes (RBC) and leukocytes (WBC). And with another spin, the platelets get separated from the rest of the plasma. After the procedure, you can extract the 5X-7X plasma concentration from the bottom-most part of the serum.

Where to get the right PRP kit?

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It is essential to choose the right kit to prevent the chances of contamination, and also for the ideal extraction and results. Hence, before the purchase make sure if they meet the necessary criteria or not.