Bulletproofing Your SUV: Does It Make Sense?

Bulletproofing Your SUV: Does It Make Sense?

In places that have high crime rates, a lot of car owners prefer to bulletproof their SUVs. While some brands provide bulletproof versions of their cars, most do not. Thus, the majority of passenger vehicles are modified with the use of aftermarket parts.
A bulletproof SUV is made by modifying the body components of the vehicle into bulletproof forms. Aside from the doors, the glass parts of the car are also replaced, so they can be bulletproof. For these parts to withstand gunfire, conventional tyres must also be replaced.

 Additionally, to make the SUV adequate for the extra weight, the engine and suspension must also be changed. And a bulletproof SUV always comes with Troy Armoring spare parts to prepare for any eventuality. The following are reasons you may want to bulletproof your SUV:

Strong and Sturdy Features

As a car owner, you want to travel with the utmost security. A bulletproof SUV has improved security features, so you may want to bulletproof your SUV to address this requirement. Whether you are a businessman, lawyer, government official, political figure, or celebrity, you require maximum protection and can benefit from a bulletproof SUV. Also, you can bulletproof your family SUV if you frequently travel with your loved ones to high-risk destinations. 


Converting your vehicle into a bulletproof SUV is an investment in your safety and security. But this SUV is also a luxury. Even if you are not facing any threat to your life, you can still invest in a luxury SUV. It’s your money after all. 

Corporate Asset

There are many ways a business can benefit from having an SUV. The vehicle protects confidential documents, machines, and equipment during transportation. Bulletproofing your SUV will enhance the protection given to your valuable assets. This is especially true if you let some employees move cash.

Status Symbol

Owning a bulletproof SUV improves your reputation. This vehicle is a status symbol and sets you apart from others. It makes people know how strong and cautious you are.

Bulletproof cars can also have countermeasures like electrified door handles meant for keeping intruders out. Also, they can be equipped with a smokescreen emitter, run-flat tyres, and road tack dispenser systems. Some SUV owners can even choose to add bomb blankets that protect the car’s bottom from explosives. A reputable armoring company can provide various levels of protection that suit your needs and budget.