Paal Beach: Enjoying the Beauty of Likupang with Various Exciting Activities

Paal Beach: Enjoying the Beauty of Likupang with Various Exciting Activities


Talking about Likupang, of course, this place has many hidden paradises that you must visit. Located at the tip of North Sulawesi Province, Likupang has a beautiful and enchanting panorama.

One of the popular tourist attractions in Likupang is Paal Beach. Here, you can see the coral reefs in the sea just from the boat because the water is turquoise and very clear. Get ready to be amazed by its beauty when you arrive at this beach.

Paal Beach at a Glance

Paal Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Likupang, North Sulawesi. When visiting here, you will find clean white sand beaches and a beautiful turquoise sea-like crystal.

In addition, Paal Beach is the best spot to enjoy sunset views. Enjoying the sunrise and sunset with reddish waves that look like rolls of white paper is certainly the best moment you can enjoy on this beach.

Although this tourist attraction is still relatively new, the facilities provided are complete and adequate. Some of the facilities obtained at this beach are houses on stilts for worship activities, toilets, and adequate parking space. Some other activities at Paal Beach that you can do are sunbathing or enjoying cooking at the stalls around the beach.

Interesting Activities at Paal Beach

  Relax at Paal Beach

Paal Beach is the best spot to relax because the white sand is very clean. Besides that, you can also sunbathe here. Enjoying the sun while enjoying the beauty of the beach can make you relax during the holidays. Interestingly, the night view is no less amazing. You can see the star-studded sky when relaxing on the beach at night.

  1. Enjoy Sunrise and Sunset

Being in a paradise-like tourist spot, plus being able to enjoy the view from sunrise to sunset, is, of course, a plus point that you can get at Paal Beach. The sunrise and sunset view combined with crystal clear seawater will certainly make your holiday experience very memorable. Don’t forget to capture this moment with your camera.

  1. Observing the Activities of Nearby Fishermen

Here, you will find many fishing boats leaning against each other. You can observe the activities of anglers on this beach returning from fishing. The fish caught by the fishermen will usually be sold to the market or sold at stalls on the beach. If you like the art of photography, be sure to take pictures of the activities of fishers anchored on the beach or floating in the middle of the sea.

  1. Enjoying Culinary at Warungs Around the Beach

At Paal Beach, you can also rent a gazebo or shelter to put things at a rental fee of IDR 100,000. Here, you can also order a culinary dish of grilled fish with a very fresh taste. Besides grilled fish, you can also order fried bananas and cold drinks.

  1. Play Watersport

Besides swimming, the most exciting activity you can try at Paal Beach is watersports. You only need to pay IDR 25,000 per person to feel the adrenaline sensation of water sports with Banana Boat and UFO Boat.

The speed of the speed boat that attracts Banana and the UFO Boat in the sea will make you feel like you are flying above the blue waves. Make sure you don’t miss this exciting activity when you stop by Paal Beach.

How to Get to Paal Beach

You need to drive for one to two hours from Manado City to get to Paal beach. If you use public transportation, it will take you longer, which is about two to three hours. If you use public transportation, then when you arrive at the Likupang terminal you can use a motorcycle taxi service around the terminal. About 300 meters from the fork in Marinsow Village, you will find a sign to Paal Beach. Then you only need to turn right for 2.5 kilometers to arrive at the location.

During the trip, you can enjoy views of the typical Minahasa countryside. When you arrive at the Paal Beach location, you will pass through a portal created by residents to pay for the entrance ticket. From the parking lot, you only need to pass the asphalt road for 15 minutes. Although the location is quite far, the view that you can enjoy will be worth your sacrifice. Arriving at Paal Beach, you will be greeted with an amazing view.

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