Monsoon Care Tips for Your Furry Friend!

Monsoon Care Tips for Your Furry Friend!

The monsoon’s first showers are here to bring comfort from the rising temperature. However, the rainy and drizzly weather poses several challenges for humans and canine companions. During the rainy season, pets are more vulnerable to various ailments, demanding them to take extra care and precautions. Our furry buddies face issues such as a lack of outdoor activities, irregular grooming, fleas, ticks, and fungal infections.

Take a look at these quick tips to keep your furry baby fit and happy during the monsoon.

  1. Extra Attention to Hygiene

Ensure to clean your pets’ dishes regularly and refill their water bowls with fresh water. Good hygiene is crucial to stave off the various bugs, worms, and bacteria that the monsoon season brings. Consult your animal healthcare or family veterinary doctor for additional tips to maintain hygiene.

  1. Nutrition

Eating a well-balanced diet full of fiber, carbohydrates, protein, and minerals is essential in this weather. Keep an eye on food allergies and steer clear of certain foods that may cause allergies. Avoid using tap water to lower the chances of getting a waterborne disease. To understand which ingredients are safe for your dog during the monsoon season, speak with your veterinarian. Moreover, a professional veterinarian recommends including supplements like Omega 3, 6, and minerals in your furry baby’s diet to ensure complete development.

  1. Grooming

In addition to eating a healthy diet, frequent grooming is vital during the monsoon. Being a responsible pet parent, you must follow a proper grooming regimen to avoid skin problems. These essential tips help your dogs stay healthy and happy during the rainy season. Best to consult the vet for the same.


  1. Deworming and Pests

Pets are more likely to contract pests like ticks and fleas during the monsoon season, and these pests may quickly reproduce in a moist environment. Giving your furry friend deworming medication before the start of the season is one strategy to prevent your dog from becoming a host to these parasites, and it reduces the chance of contracting these pests. Regularly brushing your pooch helps keep your coat healthy.

It’s vital to keep in mind that your pet may experience serious adverse effects from some of these tick medications. Therefore, choose the best and most reputable animal hospital, such as DCC Animal Hospital, to prevent parasites from harming your beloved pets.

Final Takeaways:

These are basic suggestions for keeping canines content and healthy during the rainy season. Moreover, add lots of cuddles to the list mentioned above, and your pet dog will always be content.

Your pet may have a bacterial or fungal illness if you notice him/her continuously licking or scratching. It’s ideal if you visit the vet before the situation becomes unmanageable. For the best animal doctor in Delhi, you can visit DCC Animal Hospital!