How to Pressure Wash a Roof? Answering Some Questions

How to Pressure Wash a Roof? Answering Some Questions

To keep your roof long-lasting, prefer pressure washing is used. It is a great way to protect your investment and keep it in the right state. This periodic cleaning is extremely effective for moss, lichen or mildew removal. But if the owners think about pressure washing their roof themselves, it might be a dangerous task. One needs to take a lot of caution before carrying out the procedure and hence professionals are the best answer to this. Using the wrong cleaning techniques can put undue pressure on the roof and might cause damage to it. If you want to do it yourself, here are some techniques that will come in handy for you.

Can asphalt shingle roofs be pressure washed?

It is possible to pressure wash an asphalt roofing but there is a different technique to it. It is called the soft wash which involves low-pressure instead of commercial high-pressure. If the water pressure is set to the wrong PSI or if the wrong nozzle is put to use, you might end up compromising the roof. The asphalt granules might be displaced and the leakages might start appearing.

Are other roofs safe for washing?

If you want to achieve a clean roof, you need to consider the roof composition in the first place. Materials that are less common than shingles will get damaged during the process of pressure cleaning. Before proceeding with the roof, check for the manufacturer’s recommendations for the best results.

  • Clay roof tiles- This is a durable material and can be pressure washed at 1200psi.
  • Concrete tiles- These roofs are typically flat and are found in industrial or apartment areas. They can be pressured washed at any desired pressure.
  • Slate roofs- This is a resilient material but might get damaged with forceful contact. It is better to soft wash them.
  • Metal roofs- These are commonly composed of tin alloy. It can endure a variety of pressure.
  • Wood shake- These require careful cleaning with the pressure set to low.

When should you hire professionals?

Professionals should be called when the owners have little or no knowledge about pressure washing. By hiring them, you will be assured about the right equipment, tools and biodegradable chemicals being used on the roof. They won’t increase the chances of roof damage and get it cleaned just like you desired.

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